Congressman Denver Riggleman Statement on Reports of the Russian Government Placing Bounties on American Service Members

June 30, 2020
Press Release

Washington, D.C.— Congressman Denver Riggleman released the following statement today following reports that the Russian government offered bounties for the killing of American service members:

"All Members of Congress should be briefed immediately on the possible Russian bounty program targeting American service members. We all have soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines from our districts serving in harm’s way. We need to know the sources of this intelligence.  We need to know what courses of action are needed to mitigate the threat, if there is a threat at all. Leaks and hearsay are an unacceptable way for Members of Congress to receive information. The information leaked also calls into question the reliability and professionalism of certain members of the intelligence community. Service before self does not mean leaking finished or unfinished intelligence to the media."