Congressman Denver Riggleman Stands up for Small Businesses

July 2, 2019
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Congressman Denver Riggleman delivered a speech on the House floor today standing up for franchise small business owners.

"As a small business owner myself, I know the challenges franchises and small businesses face and I will always have their back," said Congressman Riggleman. "I am committed to making sure small business owners have the freedom they need to prosper and be successful."

Congressman Riggleman spoke against the PRO Act which would eliminate right-to-work laws and leave employers open to legal action. The PRO Act would also hurt small businesses, such as Arrington Enterprises in Franklin County, Virginia.  Arrington Enterprises is a franchise small business that runs Bojangles, Dairy Queens, and an Exxon convenience store. David Arrington is a pillar of the local community and the company donated  $18,000 to local charities and schools.

You can watch Congressman Riggleman's speech here, and a full transcript can be found below. 


Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

I rise today as a small business owner concerned about “The PRO Act”, a bill that will harm both job creators and their employees.  The PRO Act would amend the National Labor Relations Act and repeal right to work laws.  Right to work laws protect employees from being fired for not paying monetary support to a union they don’t want to join. 

The PRO Act also takes away employers’ rights in Labor Relations Board cases by taking away their standing and giving employers no recourse to the NLRB.
My district is home to over 2,100 small franchise business owners that could be negatively impacted by this bill.  

It will hurt businesses like Arrington Enterprises which operates Dairy Queens, Bojangles, and Exxon stores in Franklin County.  Aside from delivering a quality product, Arrington enterprises has collected close to $18,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network and donated $4,800 to local schools so far this year.  In closing, this bill would hurt local businesses and local workers and I yield my time.