Congressman Denver Riggleman Praises Department of Homeland Security Decision to Increase H-2B Visas

May 7, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Riggleman applauded a joint decision today made by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor to make available an additional 30,000 H-2B Visas.  H-2B temporary non-agricultural worker visas allow for seasonal workers to come to the U.S. and are a critical need for small businesses in the 5th District that rely on temporary laborers to meet the demands of a robust economy. This visa is only available for work that is temporary in nature, such as loggers and workers in the hospitality industry.

We have seen the positive results from H2B visa reform all over the 5th district and this increase will further that.  As an employer from Pittsylvania, in the southern part of the district, said:  

“H2B is essential for the future of our business.  My business will go under without H2B.  I am having to turn away work and put my customers off due to my lack of help.” 

A business owner in Halifax shared similar sentiments.  “We are already turning away new clients and trying to get our current clients to be patient but if something doesn't break soon we will be closing, leaving 9 US workers without jobs.”

Rep. Riggleman is a leading voice in Congress for increasing access to these visas that are essential for 5th District employers and business owners.  

"When I speak with business owners in my district they make it clear that we need more laborers. These H-2B visas will help to fill that need,” said Congressman Riggleman. "I campaigned on finding common-sense solutions to 5th District problems and this increase in visas will help."