Congressman Denver Riggleman Commends FEMA Grant for Hurricane Relief in Southside Virginia

July 2, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON D.C. - Congressman Denver Riggleman commended a $1.8 million FEMA grant for disaster relief that was awarded to Southside Electrical Cooperative yesterday.  The Southside Electric Cooperative will receive the grant on a reimbursement basis for the work they are doing to rebuild electric infrastructure following Hurricane Michael.  The hurricane caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage across the 5th District.

"This grant will go a long way towards helping Southiside Virginia recover,"  said Congressman Riggleman.  "My district was hit hard by Hurricane Michael and I have pledged to help them recover.  I even donated a month of my salary to the Drakes Branch Fire Department in May of this year."

The Southside Electric Cooperative covers 11 counties across the 5th District and has been instrumental in helping to rebuild after Hurricane Michael.  This grant will help to reimburse costs that have been accrued from bringing power back to the region following the storm.