Rep. Riggleman not taking paycheck during shutdown, donating money to local fire dept.

January 11, 2019
In The News


WASHINGTON (WSET) -- A Virginia Congressman is joining a small list of lawmakers requesting no pay during the government shutdown.


Rep. Denver Riggleman, who was just recently sworn-in, tweeted that he will not take a paycheck while the government is shutdown.


During the I will not take a paycheck. Instead, I will donate my check to Drakes Branch Volunteer Fire Department in Charlotte Co. They were recently devastated by Hurricane Michael. Their community came together after an awful tragedy. We can learn from them.


Instead, Riggleman said he plans to donate his check to the Drakes Branch Volunteer Fire Department in Charlotte County, which was recently devastated by Hurricane Michael.

"Their community came together after an awful tragedy," Riggleman wrote. "We can learn from them."

President Donald Trump said he's considering declaring a national emergency that would allow him to divert funds and undertake military construction projects to expand his border wall project.

Riggleman tweeted out that he agrees with the president.

"We need to secure the border," he wrote. "Then we can go into negotiations about how we streamline immigration, especially for my constituents who need to those H-2A workers in our district."


30-day funding for DHS minus border security is a political ploy, not a responsible solution. Comprehensive border protection, resources for border patrol, and visa reform should be discussed. Work across the aisle on common sense immigration reform to end



The President plans to give a prime time address on the matter Tuesday from the Oval office, and then plans to visit the southern border in Texas on Thursday.

There's no indication on whether a deal on the government shutdown will be worked out before then.